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One Picture Can Change

The Heart Gallery of Southeast Texas is a portrait exhibit and community outreach initiative that features beautiful children that are in foster care looking for lasting connections to those that love and support them.

Life-size portraits of our Heart Kids are printed and meant to be displayed everywhere to bring attention to their need for a loving home.

You can host the Heart Gallery at your event, church, business or civic organization at no cost.

Help bring awareness to the need of relational permanency for these beautiful children.

The Heart Gallery of Southeast Texas is a proud partner of Heart Galleries of Texas

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About Us

In a world where first impressions matter more than ever, the journey of adoption is profoundly impacted by the images that tell its story. At Heart Gallery of Southeast Texas, we believe in the transformative power of professional photography to connect families with their future. Through the lens of compassion and expertise, we shed light on the narratives of hope, love, and belonging.

Through our unwavering commitment to capturing the beauty and humanity of every child, we strive to create meaningful connections that transcend pixels and transform lives. Join us in our mission to facilitate the path to lasting connections, one photograph at a time.

Supporting a Dream That one day

All Kids Will Thrive

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